Gallo Estrada, campeón del CMB y OMB

Regardless of whether the trilogy can be finalized with Román “Chocolatito” González, the objective of Juan Francisco “Gallo” Estrada In 2022 he is to be the undisputed super fly champion and he has his sights on Kazuto Ioka or Jerwin ancajas.

Ioka, champion OMB, Y Ancajas, monarch of the FIB, they would fight on December 31 in Japan. However, the omicron variant of Covid 19 forced the cancellation of the fight, which will surely be rescheduled for 2022, and the Rooster he wants the winner to unify the titles.

“Now I have the titles of the AMB Y CMB“, He said Gallo Estrada in interview with LEFT PUNCH. “With whichever of the two I win I would like to face it, either Ioka or Ancajas”.

The Sonoran boxer recalled that when he was fly super champion of the AMB and monarch of the OMB, between 2013 and 2015, I wanted to unify the titles. Kazuto he was regular monarch of the AMB and they were close, but the injuries of the Rooster that forced him to vacate his titles.

“From before, in fly, I wanted to unify with any champion,” said the Gallo Estrada. “In this case he looked with Ioka. But at some point I gave up my belts due to the injuries I had ”.

In case the fight takes place between Ioka Y Ancajas the winner will have two 115-pound titles. If the winner’s fight with the Gallo Estrada there would be a new undisputed champion, since the Mexican has two, the one from the AMB and the Franchise CMB.

Last March, the CMB named Estrada as franchise champion, and the regular title will be contested between Carlos Cuadras Y Sr. Rungvisai. Therefore, for the Rooster Estrada, the same thing that happened with George Kambosos, that by dethroning Teofimo Lopez of the lightweight titles of the AMB, OMB Y FIB, and the Franchise CMB, is considered undisputed monarch.

Estrada was not invited by the WBC to the Annual Convention

The Gallo Estrada has a distinction that very few have achieved, to be named Franchise Champion of the organization based in Mexico City. However, he revealed that he was not invited to the Annual convention which was held last month in the capital of the country, although it was better for him, because he does not like to appear in the media much.

“I am champion of the CMB and they didn’t even invite me to the Convention”Commented the native of Puerto Peñasco. “The truth is I am a person who does not like the media, to be honest I do not like show business very much. Alfredo Caballero He asked me and I said they didn’t invite me, and I wasn’t eager to go, I didn’t go. It is not born to me, I am more about training and fighting, I do attend to people and photos, but the further away I am from television stations, the better for me, it is my feeling ”.

He said that perhaps there was a misunderstanding and the people in charge of making the invitations did not notify him, but reiterated that they did not call him.

“They personally did not invite me,” he concluded. “I do not know if someone outside or someone asked to invite me and it was not.”