Guardiola asks for patience with the Barcelona project: "He will be where he deserves again"

BARCELONA – Pep Guardiola participated by videoconference in the ‘Gala de les Estrelles’ of the Catalan Football Federation, in which he was awarded as the best coach of the year, and took the opportunity to ask all Barcelona fans for patience, with a message of tranquility and Confidence in the future expressed in the first person and making it clear that “you don’t always win”, he resolved that “if you don’t win this year or next … The next one will be won.”

The now Manchester City manager expressed his support for the Barcelona project and in a certain speech warned that the Barça club is on the right track to regain success in the medium-term future, demanding patience.

“What does not cost in life, is not worth it. Now we have to have a bit of a hard time … Well, let’s have a hard time. What happens if we don’t win this year or the next? What is the problem? We will win next year. The good thing is that there is a very good board of directors, an excellent coach because although I have not seen him train, I have had him as a player and I know of his love of the game and the club and what we have to do is believe and be there until the end with him, and he will succeed. It will cost a little more but I have the feeling that some seeds are being created that will give us very good results, “Guardiola revealed.

“During the last decade, Barça has won Leagues and Cups. And I have reached the semi-finals of the Champions League, I don’t know how many times, saying that it was a failure of the year … How can we not get nervous now if we achieve what has been achieved , with different coaches, groups, presidents, dominating the League and competing until the end in Europe, where a bad night throws you … was it a failure? at the Camp Nou.

“Now there is a generation that looks very good and pulls the team and shows that with more time, and the signings that will be made, Barça will be where it plays again. Meanwhile, patience because in life you don’t always win”, resolved the Catalan coach.