Peng Shuai: "I never accused someone of sexually assaulting me"

The Chinese Peng Shuai assured that she never accused anyone of having sexually harassed her and that the world uproar was a misunderstanding.

The doubles champion at Wimbledon and Roland Garros spoke with Liane zaobao, a Singaporean Chinese-language daily, during an event in Shanghai and there denied reporting sexual harassment when writing on their networks in November.

“I want to highlight a very important point: I never said or wrote anything accusing someone of sexually assaulting me”Peng stated. “I would like to emphasize this point very clearly,” added the currently world No. 194 WTA.

It should be remembered that on November 2 the tennis player had assured in a statement published on social networks that she had been raped by former Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli. The publication had a global impact and many of Peng’s colleagues expressed concern.

Despite recent public appearances, from the WTA they still doubt that Peng is speaking “without censorship and coercion.” “These appearances do not alleviate or address the great concerns of the WTA about their well-being and their ability to communicate without censorship and coercion,” the WTA said in a statement, which suspended tournaments in China, causing annoyance in the Association of this country.