Ravens sink with every failed 2-point conversion

Having made one of the key 2-point conversions in recent weeks, Baltimore would be better positioned in contention for a playoff spot.

BALTIMORE – In the last three weeks, Baltimore Ravens they have played it three times in attempts to convert two key points.

Had they achieved one of them, they would be in a more secure position in contention for a playoff spot.

Instead, the head coach John harbaugh and his team lament another chance they missed at the end of their 31-30 loss to the Green Bay Packers. Baltimore they played it by two points with 42 seconds left and they missed with an incomplete pass from Tyler huntley.

“I felt good about the decision, I think we had a good play,” he said. Harbaugh.

The Ravens they suffered their third defeat in a row. Two weekends ago, they played it for two with 12 seconds on the clock and failed, so they lost on the road to the Pittsburgh steelers by 20-19.

The last weekend, Baltimore lost by 15 to the Cleveland browns, which indicated that the Ravens they needed two touchdowns and a two-point conversion to tie. They scored, but missed the conversion after the first touchdown. The final score was 24-22 in favor of the Browns.

On Sunday, Baltimore he was down 31-17 in the fourth quarter. Huntley – playing in place of the injured Lamar jackson– scored on a three-yard carry with 4:47 to play.

There is a school of thought that indicates that it was the opportune moment to play it for two. If they have succeeded, Ravens they would have been six behind and in position to win in regulation time with another touchdown. In case of failure, they would be down by eight, still with the option to force overtime.

Baltimore opted to kick the extra point to get seven points away. Huntley he rode another offensive drive that culminated in an eight-yard touchdown run.

The Ravens they lined up to play it for two points and called for time out. Then they came back and played it.

“I think that people who doubt are wrong,” he said. Mark Andrews. “I think that was the right decision.”