Así fue como Canelo copió un movimiento de Mike Tyson para noquear a Plant

In social networks a video has circulated where you can see how Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez copied a move from Mike tyson to finish off his rival Caleb Plant.

Several fans have been given the task of comparing the two videos of both fighters, that of the Mexican from last November and that of Iron mike from 1987 before Pinklon thomas.

In the videos, it looks like Canelo mimics the former heavyweight champion of the world with a “peek a boo” guard entering the short field moving the waist from side to side. The Mexican monarch ducked to evade a jab, before launching a brutal left hook that rocked ‘Sweet Hands’, just like you did Tyson in view of Thomas.

Likewise, these moves look identical, as both fighters had taller opponents than them in their respective battles. The mechanics, stretch, and smashing left looks like a decal.

Mike Tyson praises Canelo Álvarez

Tyson He assured that he is a fan of Saul Alvarez for everything he has done in his career to become the absolute champion of super middleweights.

“I’ve been his fan from day one,” he said. Tyson. “I can appreciate a fighter more when he loses than when he wins.” “He, despite his youth, did not lose concentration after losing to Floyd mayweather. He is a fighter, a true fighter, ”he added.

In the same way, he assured that it is very important that he manages his future within boxing and no one else.

“He runs his own show and I look forward to very good things for his future. He is a very good businessman ”, he declared.