Gorilla productions announced what were the 50 best and most surprising knockouts in boxing during the year 2021.

As in every season, the company Gorilla productions put together a video with the rankings of the best final blows of the whole year.

The highest position was taken by the landing that Oscar Valdez made on the face of Miguel “Alacrán” Berchelt, on February 20.

Said combat took place in the MGM Grand from Las Vegas, still under the bubble mode and with a fairly limited audience. It was one of the great returns to normalcy.

A priori, it appeared as one of the most attractive billboards of a rather lazy past of the boxing business. Many glances rested on that exchange.

The two athletes came out to meet with the speed of an exhalation, and with the intention of hurting themselves. More than on a ring, everything seemed to happen inside a powder keg.

And finally, things exploded. After an uncertain combination of Berchelt, Valdez He took advantage of the space generated, and lunged with a furious left.

No more show, ladies and gentlemen. “Doll on the ground!”, The journalist himself would have shouted Juan Larena. Leader of the best knockouts of 2021.