Lo que usé fue Iladin: Chávez Jr aclara la sustancia que inhaló en pelea con Zegarra

After the images that caused controversy where you see Julio César Chávez Jr inhaling a substance on the day of the fight with David zegarra, clarified that it was Iladin, to unclog your nostrils and you have never cheated.

“What I used was Iliadin“, He said Chavez Jr through his social networks, something that helped him breathe. “It’s like a Afrin, it unclogs your pores (nostrils) ”.

What is the use of the Iladin that Chávez Jr inhaled?

“Iliadin is a line of products for the relief of nasal congestion caused by colds, allergies, hay fever or any other cause ”, according to the medical site Prixz. “It comes in a liquid solution for direct administration into the nostrils.”

He questioned the person who made and posted the video what his intention was in doing so. This, from the images where it is seen when the coach of the Junior gives him a substance through the nose in one of the minutes of rest in the fight of the previous Saturday.

“The one who made the video of the AfrinWhen I put the spray on, what will it imply? ”he asked Chavez Jr. “What do you want them to think, that I used what? You say, what do you think he wants you to think? “

Added the son of the legendary Julio Cesar Chavez that there are people who want them to think badly of him, but he was calm that there are many others who do not doubt him.

“There are people alive, who have no malice and do not hit that side,” he commented. “But there are lively, intelligent people who look for that shot and to make them think badly of me, I don’t do anything that you don’t know and much less in a ring, always even, what he can do I can do, nobody has an advantage because then God punishes you, you already saw (Antonio) Margarito”.

He asserted that he has never cheated and that he always came up clean in a ring, without harming the rival.

“I have always been a clean fighter,” said the Junior. And although he accepted that at some point he used marijuana or furosemide. “I have never used a steroid, something that would never harm another. I have never been a cheater, conscience does not lie, so who are they? Well, those who do are those who are saying it. “