“Benavidez es el que tiene más posibilidades de vencer a Canelo”, asegura Al Bernstein

The commentator Al Bernstein I point out that the one born in Arizona, David benavidez, is the boxer who has the best chance to defeat Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez.

“Will Benavidez be the one to do that? I think you have the best chance of beating Canelo right now that occurs to me in those weight categories, “he said.

“Yes, which is not to say that Canelo I can’t beat it, but David benavidez it’s a rare combination of someone who has power and is a really good combination puncher and has some defensive disadvantages, “he said. to Fighthype.

It also pointed out that David He could take advantage of what no rival of the Mexican has done, which is to attack him with everything when he lowers the intensity of his boxing.

“Those are the things that Canelo I would hope to take advantage, but also Benavidez it’s a volume kicker. If you are going to beat Canelo Alvarez, the way to do it is in those rounds where Canelo it has a place of calm here and there; you have to take advantage of that and get a lot of blows, “he argued.

Bernstein assured that Benavidez He has those elements that could do a lot of damage to the current undisputed super middleweight champion.

“Certainly, Benavidez is capable of doing that. The big question in that fight is whether Benavidez’s defensive handicaps will be too much for him, or will he simply outsmart Canelo Álvarez and will win rounds, or can he hurt Canelo? Canelo doesn’t seem to be able to be hurt by anyone.

Is Canelo right to go to the cruiserweight pesos and not give Benavidez a chance?

Al Bernstein spoke about the intention of Canelo go to cruiserweight and contest for the title of the division that is in power and Ilunga Makabu.

“I have seen Makabu fight a little. I can not say that I have entered it as someone to see a video and find out what it is about, so I do not know, “he argued.

Of course, part of the problem is whether Canelo you can get there (up to cruiserweight). Can you do that? He started at 154. It could have been even 147 in his first professional fights, ”he warned.

In turn, he made it clear that it is a great risk to gain more weight and immediately fight against the monarch.

“So it’s a great promotion, but I could be the kind of person who can do it,” he added. “You know, a lot of times people go up and look very carefully who they think is the right person.”

“I am sure that (the team Canelo) went through that research process, and maybe that speaks to the fact that it could probably do well, “he said.

Bernstein it was said disappointed that Saul made that decision to upgrade.

“I think I’m like most boxing fans, to be honest. I’m a bit disappointed that he bypassed everyone to go up, ”he argued. “That is your choice, and you can do it, and Canelo He has fought against many tough enemies and fought against a wide variety of champions. So I’m not criticizing it, “he said.