Jorge Casales: "Uruguay's list is open, there may be new names"

Jorge Casales, a member of the AUF Executive Committee, spoke about Diego Alonso’s situation after testing positive for COVID-19 and how this situation affects Uruguay’s planning for the South American Qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022.

In Radio 970 AM He expressed that the coach’s situation “was a surprise for all of us, unfortunately we see that there is a regrowth in Europe and it is seen that in Spain the number of infections is growing and it was Diego (Alonso).”

He added that “he is asymptomatic, he is fine, and the idea is that he passes this stage as quickly as possible, that the recovery is as fast as possible so that in the first days of January he can be in Uruguay with us.”

Casales said that despite having the disease “he is talking with his collaborators there and here, with the President, with Matías Pérez, and I believe that as long as he continues in that way, asymptomatic and suffering from the disease without difficulties, you will be able to continue performing tasks. What is delayed is its official presentation and its direct contact with the machinery and the operation of the structure here in Uruguay ”.

Asked about the conversations that Diego Alonso has had with the players and whether he expects there to be any news in the next reserved list, the member of the Executive assured that “that was discussed at some point. What he is clear about is that the list is open and possibly names may appear that have not been used up to now or that were used in another stage of the process and that are not present at this time ”

Jorge Casales also referred to the possibility of a new Assistant joining the work group of the new Technical Director, and said that “Alonso had planned to add one more Technical Assistant, but at the moment there is nothing defined why it is today today the coaching staff is the one that was announced at the beginning ”. He also referred to the particular situation of Profe Ortega, who “may possibly arrive one day before the players, or together with them.”

Finally, the manager was asked whether Diego Alonso’s work also includes the coordination of the Youth Divisions and the minor National Teams, to which he replied that “we have not defined it yet but the work of the coaching staff will be focused on the National Team. Mayor and in the four games to take us to the World Cup. That is his main objective and for what we hired him “