Roy Jones Jr. asegura que Usyk vencería sin problemas a Canelo Álvarez

Roy Jones Jr. noted that the Ukrainian Oleksandr Usykheavyweight champion, he would have no problem beating Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez if you decide to go down to cruiserweight again.

“Actually Usyk has no reason to come and fight with Canelo, for me Usyk it’s too big for CaneloThen I would beat the Mexican, is my opinion ”, he said.

“But Usyk is the world heavyweight champion, why would you go down again? I’m walking away when you’re the world champion in progress. Look what happened when Chad dawson he came down from light heavyweight to fight Andre at 168 (pounds), that was the end of his career, “he declared for IFLTV.

Jones Jr. Clarified that Usyk He would have much more to gain in sports if he faces real heavyweight boxers.

“You have a Tyson fury, you have a Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua Again, you have so many big guys that are in the weight class that it doesn’t make sense, unless there is a lot more money to be made fighting these guys. Tyson fury right now he is probably one of the greatest fighters on the planet, also against Joshua It’s a great fight, ”he argued.

Why would Usyk fight Canelo?

Roy Jones Jr. He assured that the only way he sees the Ukrainian fighting against the Mexican is that there is a bag of money much larger than the one offered to him in the heavyweights.

“If you want to use that fight to negotiate, a negotiation tool that does it because you are not being paid enough for Joshua’s rematch and you are getting double for fighting against CaneloThen you are right ”, he warned.

“I think it would be a business decision, if there is more money that you can earn with anyone else they are fine, but why would you sacrifice? or gambling with the possibility of being defeated because you lost weight, when all you have to do is steal and dominate (the heavyweight division) ”, he clarified.

“In my opinion, why Canelo wants to fight? It would be a tough fight and (Usyk if I went down to cruise) I would not have a belt at this time. When he (Saul Alvarez) He does it to collect belts, he wants to become a champion in five divisions ”, he pointed out.

At the end of the day, Jones Jr. would agree that Usyk will face Canelo, if the first one made a lot more money.

“If I can make a fighter like Canelo make you earn double or triple money, why wouldn’t it? ”, he sentenced.