No tengo un nombre como Canelo: Gallo Estrada duda quedar en la historia del boxeo si se retira hoy

Juan Francisco “Gallo” Estrada ensures that the day he hangs up the gloves could be remembered as a world champion, but doubts that his name is in the history books of boxing, it does not have a name like Canelo.

“It may be that people do remember me as the world champion,” acknowledges the Gallo Estradain interview with LEFT PUNCH. “But in the boxing history book, in the boxing media and books, right now I doubt it. If I retire tomorrow, I doubt I’ll be there, because I don’t have a name like Canelo, which is recognized worldwide by anyone, and I have not yet ”.

The Gallo Estrada thinks that he never received the support of a television station to achieve success in his career, as he did Canelo, which has driven its story. Although his fights are broadcast, he made it clear that with or without it he would have been world champion.

“Chipping stone, as they say,” said the Gallo Estrada regarding the way in which he was achieving success in his career.

The fighter acknowledges that there are people who point out that Aztec TV did to Gallo Estrada. This because Estrada participated, at the beginning of his career, in the reality show Aztec Champion, which was organized by the television station. And then it was the same television station that broadcast their fights.

However the Rooster He assures that it has been with dedication and discipline that he gained the opportunity to have his fights broadcast on said television station.

“Many people say that Box Azteca or Aztec TV they did to Rooster”, He says Estrada. “They made me because I was fighting; Whoever they put me was winning. My dedication and discipline kept me going in every fight. “

He reiterated that that is why the television station was interested in broadcasting his fights. However, he made it clear that it was discipline that was going to take him to the top of boxing with his fights being broadcast on television, and even without that support.

“They broadcast my fights because they liked my style and dedication so much,” said the Rooster. “People enjoyed my fights. That is why many people say that the television station made me, but without it or with it, I would have been world champion, because I was going to be disciplined until I was champion and that was thanks to God ”.

Gallo Estrada acknowledges that Canelo did have support from television stations

Just as he did not have that endorsement from the beginning of his career, he said that fighters like Saul Canelo Alvarez yes they did. Estrada points out that the best Pound for pound They saw him at first as a business and now he is an idol, but also thanks to his work and discipline.

“From the comments I hear, a television station and some promoter grabbed him, they saw Canelo like a business, ”he said Estrada. “But it’s not his fault and he said: ‘I’m going to prepare myself for whatever fighter or champion he is.’ He was easily defeated by his dedication and discipline ”.