Conor McGregor, Jake Paul y Dana White

Jake paul he sent a message to Dana White and revealed the names of the fighters of UFC who wants to face above the ring, after the knockout against Tyron woodley.

“I just knocked out someone who was a champion five times in the UFC and I have left the company in a shameful position, “he said. Paul at the press conference. “Really let me face Kamaru usman or Nate Diaz“.

The Youtuber he also mentioned Jorge Masvidal and to own Conor mcgregor, who in 2015 held a boxing match against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

“I am interested too MasvidalPlease let me fight him, ”he mentioned. “Let me go with Mcgregor, I promise that I will also make a fool of them. I promise you and Dana White“.

Paul He also expressed his annoyance at seeing Masvidal like Nate Diaz abandon the arena in their fight against Tyron woodley and called them fearful. He also challenged them to leave their contract with the company Dana White and threatened to end them just like he did with Woodley.

Masvidal Y Nate Diaz, you are stupid for leaving the arena, “he said. “I know well that they don’t want this. I can handle both of them later. Just leave your contract with your daddy Dana. I’m going to destroy them too ”.

The UFC fighters Jake Paul wants

Originally Paul I was going to fight with Tommy fury, who was going to be the first professional boxer he faced. However, an injury in the final stretch of preparation forced him not to fight and Woodley came in as relief for a rematch.

The fight started very rushed and the public came to boo them. Paul he knocked out the former champion and ended up giving away one of the best shots of the year by sending him to sleep in the sixth episode.

Yes OK Jake He already beat a couple of representatives from UFC, is now asking stronger fighters who know more about boxing than Ben askren at the time or now Tyron woodley.