The fixture for the Copa América de Futsal Brasil 2022 was drawn

The Argentine futsal team, current world runner-up, will debut in the Copa América Rio de Janeiro 2022 on Saturday, January 29 against Bolivia, according to the draw carried out this Wednesday. for the same Group B they will open the Peru tournament against Venezuela.

The host and great candidate for the title, Brazil, will make his presentation on the same day against Ecuador, while Peru and Venezuela will be in charge of opening zone A.

The first two of each group will qualify for the semifinals, which will be played on Saturday 5. The final will be on Sunday 6.

Argentina, which lost the final of the 2021 Lithuania World Cup to Portugal (1-2), is another of the favorites for the title.

The match program is as follows:

First phase

Saturday January 29:

Group A: Chile-Colombia and Brazil-Ecuador. Free: Uruguay.

Group B: Peru-Venezuela and Argentina-Bolivia. Free: Paraguay.

Sunday January 30

Group A: Ecuador-Chile and Uruguay-Colombia. Free: Brazil.

Group B: Bolivia-Peru and Paraguay-Venezuela. Free: Argentina.

Monday January 31st

Group A: Ecuador-Uruguay and Chile-Brazil. Free: Colombia.

Group B: Bolivia-Paraguay and Peru-Argentina. Free: Venezuela.

Wednesday February 2

Group A: Uruguay-Chile and Colombia-Brazil. Free: Ecuador.

Group B: Paraguay-Peru and Venezuela-Argentina. Free: Bolivia.

Thursday February 3

Group A: Colombia-Ecuador and Brazil-Uruguay. Free: Chile.

Group B: Venezuela-Bolivia and Argentina-Paraguay. Free: Peru.

The CONMEBOL Copa America Futsal will be played in 2 phases, a Preliminary (group phase) and a Final (disputes for 9th, 7th and 5th places, the Semifinal, dispute for 3rd place and the Final). All phases will be played in a single round of matches.