La infidelidad de Chávez a su esposa

Julio Cesar Chavez he remembered the day his wife Myriam escobar He discovered an infidelity and ended up smashing a mug of beer on his head.

“My wife came to the bar where a girl was, came in and said, ‘That’s how I wanted to grab you, son of your fucking mother.’ He grabbed the beer and smashed it “, told the anecdote JC in a show Comedy Central.

In the midst of grief and laughter, JC He recalled that he went to take refuge in his car to try to calm his wife’s moment of fury after discovering it with another.

“He started hitting the car,” he continued. “And he said, ‘Come out, come out son of your fucking mother. Come out, come out ‘, and hit and hit a car that was brand new because I was coming back from Las Vegas of a fight. In my grief I went to bed and said to blow up the car and I waited two hours for the courage to pass. Total, in the end he left ”.

After that he remembered that he came home saddened and willing to do everything in his power to be forgiven for the act. However, he confessed that he suffered one of the great punishments of his life.

The infidelity of Julio César Chávez to his wife

“I had a jar full of beer, I went to ask for forgiveness,” he confessed. “I gave it to him at least, just imagine he weighed like three kilos. I thought that he was not going to dare to hit me and that he smashed it on my head. I became wey to see if he felt sorry for me, but when I fell he told me, ‘I hope you die, son of your fucking mother’ “.

Chavez showed him to the other guests of the program, among which were Michelle Rodriguez Y Alma Gomez (conductor of Cositas Space), the traces of that blow that is still reflected on his head.

Even so, and after being punished by his wife repeatedly, JC He confessed that at least that day he did not give up.

“At the end of it all and after he did not feel sorry for her, I got up from there and went with the other old woman,” he concluded.