Venderíamos más que mi pelea contra Canelo: Chávez Jr revela que ya hay negociaciones con Jake Paul

Julio César Chávez Jr already had a first approach to start negotiations for a fight with Jake paul It would be 190 pounds, but he made it clear that the youtuber does not have the power to charge more than he and he is sure he would win, since he does not know how to box.

“There was already an approach,” he revealed Chavez Jr in an interview on the channel 12 rounds. “Spoke to me Guadalupe ValenciaI think it is their representative and that it was mine a long time ago ”.

He said they already offered him some amount. And that they even talked about Pay Per Event, but the Junior he wants the distribution to be equal, at 50 percent.

“I told him 50 and 50 percent, so that things go evenly”, commented the son of Julio Cesar Chavez. “So that the agreements are even and that the promoters take both in the same way and seriously.”

Regarding this situation, he asserted that Jake paul it does not have the power to charge more. And that, even, is the same Junior the one who risks more against an opponent who does not know how to box.

“I think he does not have the power to collect a higher percentage than I do,” added the Sinaloan. “It must be the same. I’m risking my boxing against someone who doesn’t know how to box and at 190 pounds, that weight counts a lot in boxing. “

If the duel takes place, he said that he will not go up to lose and that he will beat the influencer, and if he does, he considered that they can win more.

“I’m not going to go up to lose, I’m going to give 190 pounds and I’m going to beat him because he doesn’t know how to box,” he said. Chavez Jr. “I’m going to beat him, then they, the company, many want him to lose because he is the youtuber, but if I knock him out they can win much more.”

Against Jake Paul he would outsell his fight with Canelo, assures Chávez Jr

He stated that because of what he has done throughout his career he sells, and a fight with Jake paul could be more lucrative than the one you had with Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez in May 2017.

“I have always sold and everyone knows me,” he said. “A combination we would possibly sell more than Canelo Y ChavezSo I’m talking about that dimension ”.

Finally, Chavez Jr considered that it is in the hands of Jake paul and from his people the possibility of making this fight that the fans want a reality, but if the negotiations are not finalized, he will fight on February 5 in Mexico.

“It’s a matter of cheering up,” he concluded. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. “Let it be done, I am more than put if an agreement is reached, if not I have a date on February 5 in Mexico.”