Cowboys secure playoffs thanks to 49ers loss

Although Dallas is not yet guaranteed the division title, it will be in the postseason for the first time since 2018 thanks to the San Francisco meltdown.

The Dallas cowboys (10-4) did not play this Thursday night, but received their ticket to the postseason of the NFL.

The defeat of the San Francisco 49ers (8-7) by 20-17 in the match that started the action of Week 16, visiting the Tennessee Titans (10-5), was enough to mathematically secure a place for the Cowboys in the playoffs.

Dallas the title of the NFC East still – although they are leaders in the sector – but the stumbling block of Niners guarantees that they will be present in the postseason, at least, as one of the wild card teams. Whatever happens in the three games pending Dallas, they will not be placed below the seventh place in the NFC.

The Cowboys They are the second team in the whole NFL who gets his ticket to the playoffs, after the Green bay packers, who already have the title of the NFC North in the bag, and with it, the ticket to the postseason. The Packers boast the best brand in the NFL, an 11-3. In the American Conference, no team has yet obtained their secure postseason ticket.

Meanwhile, San Francisco it remains in sixth place in the postseason seed despite the loss, with 15 games remaining in Week 16.

The Cowboys have not played postseason since 2018, when they were eliminated in the Divisional Round for Los Angeles Rams, after exceeding in Wild Card Round to whats Seattle Seahawks. That was rookie season for the quarterback Dak prescott and the corridor Ezekiel Elliott.