Dominican authorities point to alleged links between Sammy Sosa and those investigated for administrative corruption

The former player has had to present statements in a corruption investigation that is being carried out in his native country

Sammy Sosa remains in the eye of the storm after in its accusation against several people persecuted for administrative corruption, the Public Ministry indicated that it used contacts to facilitate the carrying out of an important business of sale of asphalt with the Ministry of Public Works of the Dominican Republic.

According to the statements of the Dominican authorities, bland He went to one of the defendants, the brother of the former Dominican president, whom he allegedly met in various political activities to help him with certain problems he had in Dominican ports to enter the country a material called Asphalt Cement (AC30).

The Attorney General of the Dominican Republic He further indicated that supposedly bland he was aware that the accused “used his condition as brothers of the then constitutional president Danilo Medina Sánchez.”

The accusation filed by the Dominican authorities indicates that as a result of an alleged transfer of influence, the brother of the former president managed to get the former director of the Dominican Port Authority (APORDOM), will help you locate a port so that the material that would be transported by a company linked to Sammy Sosa it could use dock number 1 of the Andrés Boca Chica port, as well as manage and operate sandbanks ”.

The Dominican authorities continued to indicate that, with a managed port, as well as a ship loaded with the so-called AC30, bland used the influence of the brother of former president Medina to manage a meeting with the then Minister of Public Works, Gonzalo castle, with a view to obtaining a contract that would allow it, supposedly, to sell the material to the Dominican state.

So far and despite the fact that bland has appeared twice before the Office of the Special Prosecutor for the Persecution of Administrative Corruption (PEPCA) to be questioned, the Dominican authorities have not yet given indications of whether they will present a formal accusation against the former player of Big leagues.