Rugby in words: the best quotes of 2021

He spent a year full of emotions, controversies and difficult moments in the face of the changing landscape that another atypical year offered. What did not change was the presence of the rugby spokesmen, who did not escape the microphones. In Scrum, the five statements of the year.

Santiago Gómez Cora: “Winning the Bronze was a relief”

In a talk with Alejandro Fantino on ESPN FShow, Santiago Gómez Cora recounted, without breaking down with emotion, the importance of having won the Bronze at the Olympic Games. The coach also detailed how he experienced a moment of such magnitude and charged with such emotion in a program that moved everyone.

Siya Kolisi: “We worked well and were committed to defending the South African jersey as a group”

The world had no rest after a tough 2020 and many countries, including South Africa, suffered a lot in 2021. With this scenario, the Springboks tried to bring joy to people through sport, which in many cases was the support of those who they were having a hard time. In his last press conference, the captain of the South African team made a self-criticism, valuing the effort of both the fans and the players and all the technical staff.

Mario Ledesma: “The entire calendar is by the hair”

This 2021, loaded with all the imbalances, had an overload of matches. The juxtaposition of the schedules brought many injuries for players who could not endure an infernal pace of competition. In reference to this, Mario Ledesma expressed himself and made reference to a time when he suffered many casualties in the team due to muscle injuries.



The large number of injuries suffered by Los Pumas during the Rugby Championship, carries over to November, with four casualties before starting the tour.

Ian Foster: “We were confident in the decisions we made”

Another point of conflict within the upper echelons of rugby in the southern hemisphere was the organization of the Rugby Championship. The different realities, laws and entry and exit permits created a lot of anger among the representatives of the four nations. Ian Foster, coach of the All Blacks, supported the decisions that were made with the aim of having a competitive and safe contest.

David Rennie: “How can I go out and defend my team? I always keep quiet and receive an apology in the week “

The suspension of Rassie Erasmus opened the door to discuss arbitration and what the protagonists could do in case of being harmed by the referees. David Rennie, who is not used to making these types of statements, felt the need to talk about how arbitration errors are handled and what is the position of the authorities regarding these types of claims.