Julio César Chávez Jr dijo que prefiere subir sin condición que entrenar con Canelo

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. prefers to get on unconditionally in a fight than to train next to Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez Y Eddy reynoso.

“His coach wants to train me, Eddy reynoso He is a good person, an excellent coach, but the truth is I prefer to go up without conditions than to be there (in the gym of Canelo Team), ”Chávez said in an Instagram Live session.

JC threw flowers at Eddy reynoso and he accepted that he is a good coach because of his way of being and saying things.

“He is a very good person,” said the boxer from Sinaloa. “He is more aware, he says more than anything what he sees, not what he has to say like others.”

Reynoso commented that he was happy to see Chavez Jr. back in the ring and hoped he would regain his love for the sport.

“I was very pleased to see him return to the sport, beyond this fight and what comes for him, it is to be applauded that he is back on the warpath and fighting to be a better human being,” he published Eddy in your account Twitter.

Equally, Chavez recognized that Canelo Alvarez he is not at all interested in fighting him again, although he did not look good on his return to David zegarra.

“What is Canelo going to want to fight?” Julius Caesar. “Not even as I looked bad, he wants to fight.”

The option he left open was to fight him Youtuber Jake Paul and he accepted that he is ready for the moment that is to face it.

“I don’t know for when with Jake paul“, He said. “I am ready”.

Before Live, JC He also mentioned that falling into a fight with Paul, this result would lead him to hang up his gloves.

“I hope to get a few million, but if I lose, I will retire,” he said. “What’s more, don’t pay me anything if you beat me.”