Los Pumas will be local again after 1056 days

The UAR confirmed the provinces and stadiums where The Pumas will play at home in 2022. Between the venues the Velez Stadium, visits to Salta, Mendoza and San Juan. What’s more, Santiago del Estero will receive for the first time the Argentine rugby team in the already known Unique Mother of Cities Stadium, where the third and final match against Scotland will be played in July.

The Pumas will break a period of almost three years, 1056 days to be exact, without presenting himself to his audience. The return of the team Mario Ledesma It will take place during the July window when the Argentine national team faces three times Scotland. These meetings will take place in three provinces of the Argentine NOA.

The first destination will be Jujuy, where Los Pumas will host the 23 de Agosto Stadium. The meeting in which the Argentine team will turn around with its audience will be on July 2. Next, Mario Ledesma’s team (and Scotland) will travel to Jump, the last city to host the Argentine team in 2019, where the first rematch will take place on July 9. For close the first window from Test Matches, The Pumas will travel to Santiago del Estero to play the last match against Cardo on the 17th.

The tour of Scotland in 2022 will be the seventh visit in the history of the British team to our country, after the tours of 1969, 1994, 2008, 2010, 2014 and 2018. The history of Los Pumas against the Scots is determined by 21 clashes , in which the Argentine team achieved 10 victories, and suffered 11 falls.

The next commitments on local ground will be given just two weeks later. Within the framework of Rugby Championship, Los Pumas will host Australia twice. The first and second dates of the tournament will be played andAugust 6 in San Juan, at Bicentennial Stadium, and -one week later- on the 13th in the Malvinas Argentinas de Mendoza. This visit of the Wallabies will record the fourth series (that is, two consecutive games) between Argentines and Australians on South American soil. The previous ones took place in 1997 – the occasion of the historic 18-16 victory at Ferro court – 1987 and 1979.

Finally, and to close the sixth home game of 12 to be played in 2022, Los Pumas will host South Africa. The meeting, which will take place within the framework of the last date of the Rugby Championship, will be held on September 17 at the field of Velez. Prior to the match, Mario Ledesma’s team will play two away matches in New Zealand against the All blacks and will face the Springboks in South Africa.


July 2 – Los Pumas vs. Scotland in Jujuy (23 de Agosto Stadium)

July 9 – Los Pumas vs. Scotland in Salta (Padre E. Martearena Stadium)

July 16 – Los Pumas vs. Scotland in Santiago del Estero (Unique Mother of Cities Stadium)


August 6 – Los Pumas vs. Australia in San Juan (Bicentennial Stadium)

August 13 – Los Pumas vs. Australia in Mendoza (Malvinas Argentinas Stadium)

September 17 – Los Pumas vs. South Africa in Buenos Aires (at José Amalfitani Stadium)

Below is a detail of the background of Los Pumas in the venues that they will visit as locals during the 2022 calendar:


Matches: 1

Wins: 1

06/24/2017 The Pumas 45 vs Georgia 29


Games: 8

Wins: 3

Losses: 5

08/10/2019 Los Pumas 13 vs South Africa 46 – Rugby Championship

10/06/2018 Los Pumas 34 vs Australia 45 – Rugby Championship

08/26/2017 Los Pumas 23 vs South Africa 41 – Rugby Championship

08/27/2016 Los Pumas 26 vs South Africa 24 – Rugby Championship

08/23/2014 Los Pumas 31 vs South Africa 33 – Rugby Championship

06/08/2013 The Pumas 3 vs England 32

06/13/2009 The Pumas 24 vs England 22

06/11/2005 The Pumas 35 vs Italy 21


Matches: 4

Wins: 2

Losses: 2

06/09/2018 The Pumas 10 vs Wales 23

06/10/2017 The Pumas 34 vs England 38

06/22/2013 The Pumas 29 vs Georgia 18

06/09/2012 The Pumas 37 vs Italy 22


Matches: 7

Wins: 3

Draws: 1

Losses: 3

08/25/2018 Los Pumas 32 vs South Africa 19 – Rugby Championship

10/07/2017 Los Pumas 20 vs Australia 37 – Rugby Championship

07/25/2015 Los Pumas 9 vs Australia 34 – Rugby Championship

10/04/2014 Los Pumas 21 vs Australia 17 – Rugby Championship

08/24/2013 Los Pumas 17 vs South Africa 22 – Rugby Championship

08/25/2012 Los Pumas 16 vs South Africa 16 – Rugby Championship

06/09/2007 The Pumas 24 vs Italy 6

Source: UAR