Audo Vicente clarifies the current situation of Juan Soto with Tigres del Licey

The blue general manager pointed out that the Washington Nationals player in MLB is part of “the family” of Licey

Despite having been practicing at the Quisqueya Juan Marichal Stadium, home of the Tigres del Licey (and the Leones del Escogido), a possible entry to LIDOM by Juan Soto it is not in the immediate plans of the Capital team.

“To play or not (with the Licey) is a decision of him or his franchise, which, as I understand it, cannot have an approach with him, because we are in a lockout,” said the general manager of the Tigres, Audo Vicente, when questioned about Juan Soto in a meeting with the press.

“Whether he plays or not, that is his decision. In the current management we have had contact ”. Vicente also confirmed that he has had constant contact with the Washington Nationals star and that through him the request was made for Soto to practice at the Quisqueya Stadium.

“I don’t know what happened with Juan (Soto) before I arrived here, now, a week after I assumed, perhaps less, I have had contact at least once a week with Juan“Said the general manager indigo.

Audo Vicente also reported that the conversations with Soto have been “very clear” and reiterated that the doors are open for him and any other Tigres player who wants to act in this winter season, also mentioning Willy adames.

“The permission for him to practice today (Monday) and Thursday, they discussed with me. I am not the one who gives the permission of the stadium, but by protocol this information goes through the manager and Juan is part of our family from Tigres del Licey ”, he concluded on the matter.

The blue manager also referred to the selections of the Reentry Draft and the recent hires with a view to strengthening for the Round Robin, with special mention to catching and the case of René Pinto.

“When you usually go to a draft, especially in Round Robin, we are going to cover needs. You lose pieces and so on. In our case Brantley comes out with a contusion and a picture of influenza. Your organization decides to stop it. Michael de la Cruz is also in recovery ”, Vicente concluded.