“Canelo solo peleó con campeones viejos”: Benavidez padre niega que Saúl haya barrido las 168 libras

The father of David benavidez assured that Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez He hasn’t swept the 168-year-old division and accused him of fighting old champions in these later years of his career.

“You know, he (Canelo) it was for the champions who were old and were not in their best moment “, said Benavidez in an interview for YSM Sports Media. “They did a good move, they got all the belts. But if you are number one, if you are the champion, if you say that you are the king of 168 (pounds), you must face number one, number two and number three ”.

And to Benavidez Sr, your child is the number one challenger. Therefore, he cannot understand how Canelo He has neglected to face the best fighters at the time, where of course his son is included.

“Where is the number one that he doesn’t want to fight?” David Benavidez Sr. wonders. “I don’t understand, the fans could explain to me well what is happening there, because I can’t. You should fight number one, number two. The things where you can be the best of the best, so why not accept these challenges?

All this is given by the decision of Saul Alvarez from going up to cruiserweight to challenge the division champion and add another belt to his boxing career. And with that, put aside the rivals who want to fight him at 168 pounds.

Canelo is afraid, according to Benavidez Sr.

Jose Benavidez He pointed out that everything he said Canelo Y Eddy reynoso of their son is a lie and that shows the fear they have of facing him.

“They say that Benavidez does not bring anything on the table. So what does that tell you? They are running and afraid to fight him. It is a dangerous fight for them and they do not want to accept the challenge. They are shitty excuses ”, he sentenced.