According to the look of the Olympic medalist Katie taylor, Conor mcgregor is to the UFC what the very Muhammad Ali means for boxing.

Without fear of falling into controversy or being in the eye of the storm, Taylor did not take long to give his opinion to The MMA Hour: Believes that Mcgregor Y Ali with comparables.

“I sent a message to Mcgregor after his fight against Dustin Poirier“Commented the boxer. I offered him some words of encouragement. He was always a fantastic support for me, but I think he is someone who really transcended in the sport.

“For me, it’s like the Muhammad Ali of the UFC. He is a fantastic athlete, and also a businessman. He did a lot for the sport, and he was a great fighter for the UFC. It was absolutely incredible, and I don’t think I celebrated as much as I should, here in Ireland, ”he continued.

Conor Mcgregor suffered a cruel fracture in his fight against Dustin Poirier.

Katie Taylor has a special connection to Conor McGregor, her Muhammad Ali

In many cases, the feeling is stronger than the reason. Perhaps, because of the special bond between the two, Katie taylor pondered Conor mcgregor.

“He is an absolute global superstar, a phenomenal athlete and has always been a complete gentleman to me,” he explained. “He trained a lot in Crumlin Boxing Club, a place where I also trained when I was an amateur boxer ”.

“I used to go there regularly for sparring sessions. We have a connection. I see him as a phenomenal athlete, someone who transcended in sports. Every time he fights, it is a huge event. He still got the highest number of PPV, and it is the best payment of the UFC. Outstanding ”, he concluded.