Mario Moccia: "The Pumas 7's are an example"

At the annual party of the Argentine Olympic Committee, Mario Mocca took the opportunity to praise Los Pumas 7’s for the medal obtained in Tokyo 2020. The brand new president of the COA He not only recognized the value of an Olympic medal, but also highlighted the work culture that exists in the squad and coaching staff of the Argentine team, which he described as “An example”.

The year of Los Pumas 7’s has been a dream for others. Among so many recognitions to the work of those directed by Santiago Gomez Cora, there is no better example than obtaining the bronze medal in Tokyo 2020. That achievement managed to echo beyond the sport of the great moment that the Argentine team of seven is going through today.

It was so much the uproar that the third place in the Olympic Games generated, that Los Pumas 7’s received praise even from the great leaders of Argentine Olympic sport. Among these voices, Mario Mocca stands out. The president of the COAIn addition to recognizing the historical value of the medal achieved in a recent sport in the schedule of the games, he got rid of praise for the coaching staff and players of the selected team.

“We are very happy with the incorporation of Los Pumas 7’s to the Olympic community, and for us it was an honor to have them at our party. We know everything they have done to get where they got; it is not a minor achievement to obtain an Olympic medal. And the medal they won in Tokyo is a consequence of the deep commitment that the players, the staff and all the collaborators have shown for a long time “, highlighted Mocca.

The president also described Gómez Cora’s team as an example of hard work, commitment and seriousness. “The team deserved recognition from us; but not only for what they achieved in sport, but also because they are a model from their behavior, attitude and respect. Everyone should know that Los Pumas 7’s are an example to be imitated”, added the president.

Santiago Alvarez Fourcade, Marcos Moneta, Franco Sábato and Santiago Gómez Cora were the representatives of the squad of the Argentine team of sevens present at the COA event. The head coach was also distinguished by the Committee as one of the Olympic coaches of these games. “Receiving a distinction from the Argentine Olympic Committee is a very important achievement on a personal level, but also for the whole group. From a personal point of view, because being surrounded by such good coaches in Argentina, the recognition is enormously proud. And for the team it is also a joy, because we are a new discipline within the Olympic movement, and receiving an award and winning a medal in our second participation in the Olympic Games speaks highly of how things are done in Argentine rugby “, Gómez Cora highlighted.

Source: UAR