Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo's 2021: the year they both changed teams

2021 was a special year for two players who for more than a decade have been vying for the throne of the best footballer in the world. Yes, the duel between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo had a new chapter, a point in common: both left their respective teams.

The Argentine left Barcelona, ​​where he was for 16 years, to PSG; Ronaldo left Juventus for Manchester United, his old love.

The two had to, in the final stretch of their careers, readjust to new clubs, other coaches, new leagues and different styles of play.

Messi lived a special and unexpected moment: he had everything agreed to sign a new contract for five years, but economic problems for the Catalans and rules imposed from the Spanish League truncated everything that had been arranged.

Through tears, on the 10th he left Barcelona and had to seek a new destination. PSG appeared immediately and took the Argentine star, to form a team full of figures formed among others, also by Neymar and Mbappé.

Although he had one of his greatest joys with the Copa América title with the Argentine National Team, Leo is still fully adapting to Ligue 1 and French football., but left hints of his talent in several games. The great goal will undoubtedly be to ensure that the Parisian giant can win his first Champions League.

For Messi the year ends in the best way, winning the seventh Ballon d’Or of his career, an absolute record.

Ronaldo left Juventus and returned to the club where he triumphed and shone between 2003 and 2009, before moving to Real Madrid. In his first time at United he scored 118 goals in 292 games, and added titles of all kinds.

At 36 years old, the Portuguese showed that it is still valid, being one of the figures of the team that previously led Solskjaer, and now Ralf Rangnick does. In the Portuguese National Team everything was more complex, since he could not qualify directly and will have to face a tough playoff, probably against Italy.

For both, the new challenge will be to advance in the Champions League. And win it. The World Cup, of course, is getting closer and closer. Meanwhile they will continue to compete match by match, from a distance, to show who is the best in the world.