NFL and NFLPA agree to reduce COVID isolation to five days

Since December 13, approximately 515 players have tested positive

The NFL and the NFL Players Association have reached an agreement to establish an isolation time of five days for all players who test positive for COVID-19, coinciding with the new guidance announced Monday by the Centers for Disease Control, sources slipped to Adam schefter from ESPN.

The deal includes both vaccinated and unvaccinated players and is contingent on the player being asymptomatic, or at least showing that their symptoms are resolving, after the five-day period.

Under current protocol, unvaccinated players must be isolated for 10 days when they test positive. Vaccinated players can return as soon as they test negative, either with two tests taken at the same time or in combination with a Cycle Threshold Test (CT) reading indicating that they are no longer contagious.

Like the rest of the sports world and the country, the NFL has suffered a massive increase in COVID-19 in the last weeks. The NFL and the NFLPA They have already modified their testing procedures, eliminating weekly tests for vaccinated players and focusing instead on those with symptoms, but a record 106 players tested positive on Monday.

Since December 13, approximately 515 players have tested positive.