Carrera de Julio César Chávez

For many the best Mexican boxer of all time, it is because we explain Julio César Chávez’s career summarized. The man has impressive records and fights that have been voted the best.

In this summary of LEFT PUNCH You can check the career of the Julio Cesar Chavez quickly: records, world titles, knockouts and all-time highs. Chávez now works as a commentator for Box Azteca, as well as an entrepreneur with his gyms, products and rehabilitation clinics.

The career of Julio César Chávez

He was born on July 12, 1962, in Obregón, Sonora. Although later he moved to Culiacán, Sinaloa. His older brothers trained boxing, he wanted to, but his mother asked him to study better, until he began to train secretly.

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His record as an amateur boxer was only 14 fights, until he lost against Diego Ávila, but it is speculated that the judges protected the rival. Given the situation, Chávez decided to start his career as a professional.

Debuted before Andres Felix in 1980, he beat him in 6 rounds and collected 250 pesos. Four years later he managed to knock out Mario Martinez and won the vacant WBC super featherweight world title.

World titles:

  • Super Featherweight: WBC World Title
  • Lightweight: WBA, WBC and The Ring World Title
  • Superlight: WBC and IBF world title

In 1990, The Ring magazine named the fight Julio Cesar Chavez vs Meldrick Taylor as the best of the year.

Record and historical marks

His record as a professional boxer is 115 official fights, 107 victories, 87 via knockout, two draws and only two losses.

Some of the brands of Julio César Chávez:

  • He holds the record for the most title fights in boxing history with 37 in 25 years as a boxer.
  • Record of most successful defenses with 27
  • Out of 37 title fights, he won 31
  • Record of assists: 130 thousand people in his fight against Greg Haugen at the Azteca Stadium in 1993
  • He stayed 14 years without losing

His earnings in 25 years of career exceed 10 million dollars, he lived the beginning of the pay-per-view.


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