LIDOM: 2021-22 Gold Glove Award Winners Announced

The award recognizes each year the nine best defensive players in the regular series, according to the criteria of their voters.

As is customary after each regular season of the Dominican Republic Professional Baseball League (LIDOM), the group of voters who select the award winners “Golden Glove The Dominicans First Cuqui Córdova”Of the TotalEnergies company, sponsor of the award, announced the nine players who won the aforementioned award.

The Eastern stars dominated the awards with three winners, followed by Lions of the Chosen One Y Aguilas Cibaeñas, who had two each, while Giants of the Cibao Y Tigres del Licey they rose with one each.

By Stars, Junior lake Y Socrates Brito won the award as gardeners, while Jeremy Pena He did it at shortstop. On the side of Lions, the pitcher Ivan nova and the initialist Aderlin Rodriguez were the winners, while for the national and Caribbean champions, Aguilas Cibaeñas, Leody taveras completed the award for gardeners and the recipient Francisco Peña was the other winner. Giants Y Licey they had Richard Urena at second base and Dawel Lugo in the anteroom, respectively, as those chosen for the award.


Despite the fact that among the winners there are several well-known names in the Dominican league, an award that recognizes the best defensive players in the league must be protected by all the statistics that accredit the players, which according to the statistics portal of Dominican winter baseball, Beisboldata, the awards were had several successes, as well as several mistakes, according to statistics UZR (advanced defensive statistic that measures the contribution in saving runs of a player above or below another average player in his position).

Starting with the gardeners, Leody taveras He was eighth on that metric at 0.768, while he had a .977 fielding percentage when he made three errors in 130 defensive chances. The situation is more peculiar with Socrates Brito Y Junior lake, who had 0.005 and -1.520 of UZR, occupying the sixteenth and twenty-fifth position, respectively.

Another particular award was that of Aderlin Rodriguez as a first baseman, despite finishing with a UZR of -3,261 in almost 245 entries.

However, other awards were more successful according to the aforementioned metric, as was the case of Jeremy Pena as shortstop (first with 8,631), Dawel Lugo as third base (first with 6,895 and Richard Urena as a middleman (second with 1,005). In the same way, Francisco Peña had a UZR of 7,633 being the receiver who played the most innings during the regular season.

In general terms, the awards respond to the criteria used by voters to make their selections. This does not necessarily mean that an award is good or bad, but it does give an overview of situations that could have escaped and that in the future should be seen to give more weight and credibility to the awards.