Floyd mayweather explained why he was not surprised by the glittering triumph of Oleksandr Usyk in his last fight against Anthony Joshua.

In recent statements to the press, Mayweather gave his well-founded opinion about the contest they staged Usyk Y Joshua. He was forceful in his sayings.

“That was not a surprise,” he said. Money. “It was just that Anthony Joshua it was on television, and everyone saw it. “

Mayweather think that it was simply that the Ukrainian was not as seen or as mediatic as he was Joshua.

“Usyk He is a great fighter, an Olympic medalist. Gold, if I’m not mistaken, “he said. Mayweather. “Usyk he was behind the scenes. They’re two guys with great amateur backgrounds. One of them was visible, and the other not so much ”.

That is why for Floyd mayweather, it is not a surprise that the Ukrainian, who had already been undisputed cruiserweight champion, has beaten Anthony Joshua.

“So, many call it a surprise,” he emphasizes Floyd. “Really, it was just that he (Usyk) was working behind the scenes. Finally they collided and Anthony Joshua he fell short”.

Oleksandr Usyk gave a real boxing chair to Anthony Joshua.