Hoy es por mercadotecnia, antes era a chin**dazos: Alfonso Zamora explica por qué hay menos ídolos que antes

Seen from a sentimental point of view, the former Mexican world champion Alfonso Zamora He assured that the boxing of the past was better than the current one, in which the idols were made based on chingadazos.

“Before, technically, boxers were a little bit better and they didn’t win what they do now,” he said. Zamora in interview with LEFT PUNCH. “I think the previous boxing, from my sentimental point of view, was better than now.”

Zamora, the only Mexican boxer in history to have won an Olympic medal –silver in Munich 72- and who later became world champion, asserted that marketing greatly influences today’s boxers.

“It’s a bit difficult to compare the boxing of the previous years to the current one,” said the former bantamweight world champion of the World Boxing Association. “Especially because of the marketing that exists today. The boys of today make exactly the wish they have when they enter boxing which is to make money. “

He commented that many of the boxers of yesterday and now fight out of financial necessity. That, unlike today, where they make a lot of money.

“A fighter when he is dedicated to fighting normally does so out of financial necessity,” he considered. Zamora. “Now not all of them, but a much higher percentage is common, although they currently earn a lot of money, many who are not even dreaming.”

It is difficult for idols to emerge in current boxing, according to Alfonso Zamora

Zamora, who made five defenses of the rooster scepter of the AMB, said that in current times it is also difficult for idols like those of before

“Now for there to be an idol it is very difficult,” he said. Zamora. “Because people, even though they realize that kids make them want to, are very commercial.”

Finally, he assured that before the idols were made by blows, with boxers who already had faculties. He reiterated that much today is thanks to marketing.

“They are already gaining height due to marketing,” he concluded Zamora. “Before it was based on chingadazos, we said it was based on natural abilities that you brought with you since you were born.”

Zamora He was crowned world champion on March 14, 1975 after knocking out in four rounds to Soo hwan hong at the Inglewood Forum. In that same place he also met his first loss as a professional in a fight dreamed of at that time.

Zamora was measured with the also undefeated Carlos Zarate In the call “Fight of the Zetas”, where he White hair he won by knockout in four rounds, a duel between two of the best of his time.