Valdez against Valdés in a premature duel for first place

Tigres del Licey host the Giants in Quisqueya, while the Eagles face the Stars in the Cibao Stadium

The second day of Round Robin LIDOM 2021-22 puts the winning teams face to face at the opening of the semifinal phase.

The Tigres del Licey play at home putting their ace on the mound, Cesar Valdezwhile the Giants go out with Raul Valdes, the first selection of the Reentry Draft.

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Gigantes del Cibao (1-0) against Tigres del Licey (1-0)

César Valdez has faced the Giants a couple of times this season, shooting 11 2/3 innings with a 3.09 ERA and striking out 13 opponents.

The Tigers responded with a timely offense against the Stars in the opening game and receive the good news that several players who were on the team’s Covid-19 protocol came out negative, including their manager José Offerman.

Among them also appears Albert Abreu, the starter who was scheduled for the opening game, so he could make an appearance in a relief role during this first week if necessary.

The Giants date “francomacorisano” Raúl Valdés, who was selected as the first in the Draft and will have the backing of a powerful giant offense that had no problems to beat the Eagles on Monday.

Eastern Stars (0-1) vs Águilas Cibaeñas (0-1)

Although it is just the beginning of the semifinal, nobody wants to fall 0-2 and that is why today’s game has a special relevance.

The Stars, who will play consecutive games at Cibao (the next game against the Giants), have the Panamanian Andy Otero to initiate engagement.

Joe Van Meter He will be the starting pitcher for the home team and has maintained a 0.96 ERA with 11 strikeouts and walks pitching against his rival on Tuesday.

The Águilas Cibaeñas are in the middle of a Covid-19 outbreak, which has mainly attacked their communications and transmission equipment, for which they have preemptively opted to suspend all interactions with players and coaches by the press.