Vasyl Lomachenko mandó fundir sus medallas olímpicas para elaborar un regalo para su papá

The boxer Vasyl Lomachenko He has sacrificed the two gold medals he won in the Olympic Games from Beijing 2008 and London 2012, to give a very special gift to his father who also serves as his coach.

For this reason, he sent his two Olympic medals to a jewelry store to make a crucifix from them that he gave to his father. Anatoly, as revealed by the company Krestik reznoi.

“The workshop Krestik reznoi has completed a one-time order for the first time in the history of jewelry making. There are no such cases in the world, “wrote the jewelry on Instagram.

“We would not like to go into details, we will only say one thing: the project is made from the Olympic medals of our friend Vasyl LomachenkoThey added.

Krestik reznoi shared a video where you can see several of the processes they carried out to melt the golden medals and turn them into a crucifix.

Think about it, a pectoral cross made of Olympic medals. Medals that a person achieved with blood and sweat, on which a lifetime is deposited, medals that have gone down in the world history of sport. How much spirit, courage and nobility it takes to make a pectoral cross with them without hesitation for the closest and dearest person: the father! ”, Highlighted the company.

Lomachenko goes for Kambosos

Vasyl Lomchenko He wants to fight yes or yes against the Australian George Kambosos for the lightweight title, according to the president of Top rank, Todd DuBoef.

Lomachenko He has made it very clear to us, and to his team, that this is the fight he would like, ”he told Sky Sports.

“We are trying amicably to have talks with him for a fight in the first half of next year,” he said.