Garin: "Djokovic's absence weighs a lot"

chili will debut in the ATP Cup against the Spanish team, who also share a group with Serbia and Norway. That is why in the run-up to the debut in this competition, the number one racket in the South American country, Christian garin, He told his feelings about it.

“I think all the players here in this competition are very tough. I have been practicing well. I ended this season with an injury, so it took me a while to recover, but last month was very good for me. I have been practicing well, playing. games, training sessions and I’ve been doing well, healthy “ Garín said about his preparation to reach the ATP Cup 2022.

On his rivals in the group he commented: “I think our group is good. Very tough, but we have our chances. I think we are playing well. We are a very young team and we know each other quite well, so I just want to compete. I go out and do my best.”

Finally, Chile will share the group with Serbia, a team that will not finally have the presence of Novak Djokovic (1st). As a result of this failure, Garin commented: “The absence of Djokovic weighs a lot but I think that here are the best in the world. All the teams are very competitive, we have our chances, we have been playing well, it will be the first tournament of the year for everyone. His absence weighs but it is not what that we focus on. ”