Ousmane Dembélé complicates his renewal and Barcelona considers selling him

BARCELONA – Ousmane Dembélé has become, two days after the opening of the winter market, a matter of vital importance, and urgency, for Barcelona.

The confidence, and even optimism, which was always shown publicly (indoors it was not such) at the Camp Nou with the renewal of his contract was suddenly stopped, sources of the entity acknowledged to ESPN, on Wednesday during a meeting between executives Barça players and their representative, Moussa Sissoko, in which the agent demanded conditions that the club considered unacceptable, understanding an entente as impossible and opening the door to a new scenario: a possible immediate transfer to minimize losses and obtain a gap in the needy fair financial play to register Ferran Torres.

An information from the journalist Gerard Romero, not confirmed from the Camp Nou, pointed out that the French forward’s agent demanded a salary of 20 million euros net and a large renewal bonus, another 20 million, to extend the contract, conditions that neither Barça would consider itself, understanding that Sissoko maintains a position of strength does not yet want to give the case for lost … Although it does assume that continuity is now a much more distant possibility than it was supposed weeks ago and no matter how much the footballer would have personally recognized both president Joan Laporta and Xavi Hernández for his desire to continue at the club.

At Barça they want to think that there is nothing definitive, yet, and it is argued that they will continue to contact Dembélé’s representative, knowing that as of Saturday he will be able to officially negotiate with any other club … And publications having appeared who already connect him with Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus, who would be in a position to sign him with the freedom card at the end of the season.

In this emergency scenario, the club is considering the option of negotiating an immediate transfer of the player during this winter market in the event of not reaching an agreement during the next week (or the next maximum period).

This solution, not easy at all, is considered more from an economic point of view than a sporting one, since if in this aspect the Barça team would lose an asset of the first order for the coach, his departure would be a financial relief in terms of the need. to comply with fair play.

A transfer, always at very low cost, would allow at least to obtain some gap in the salary mass of the club today, although for this, an agreement should be reached with Dembélé’s agent, little or not at all willing to give up everything. you can aspire financially. And in this case of lesser evil, he would lose the opportunity to extend the amortization of his signing (about 20 million this season) and defer his salary for the course between the following.