Pitbull Cruz dice estar listo para pelear con Ryan García y JoJo Díaz en 2022

The boxer Issac “Pitbull” Cruz made it clear that he is not afraid of anyone and that next year he wants to face the boxers who have been calling him to get in the ring as Ryan Garcia Y JoJo Diaz.

Ryan Garcia, JoJo Diaz, whoever. But if it’s about them, I’m ready to face them. Even if it’s short notice, I’m ready for anyone, ”he said in interview with DAZN News.

First for the member of the Canelo Team He told him again that he only cares about writing and being on social networks, instead of being a leading boxer.

Ryan He has not been a fighter who has caused great danger in the division, he is more focused on making videos and having followers on Instagram. But if he wants to fight, let him come to me, “he argued.

Meanwhile, he expressed that Jojo It draws his attention more, since he has not stopped threatening him for weeks.

Diaz It catches my attention because I heard that he wants to intimidate me, he says he wants to knock me out and that is why I am there for him whenever he wants, “he warned.

Pitbull Cruz will seek a championship in 2022

Similarly, Pitbull He wants to transcend in next year and he knows that he has everything to be able to reach the top of boxing.

“The world championship is something that I have worked on for almost 15 years. I dream and longing. I want it to be big and I have no preference for the title (WBA, WBC, IBF or WBO). I faced a higher level fighter and did not give us many problems, thanks to my hunger and my preparation we came out as we did, so I am focused on continuing to lead the way, “he argued.

“I have a great work team and we have not stopped … I want to fulfill the dream of my son Amadeo (4 years old) in 2022, I want to give him the world championship and give Mexico a new champion,” he said.