Serena Williams lived a 2021 complicated by an injury

He was halfway there. The 2021 of Serena Williams ended quickly, halfway, more precisely at Wimbledon, the product of an injury. The 40-year-old American failed to win a tournament, her dream 24th Grand Slam was again postponed and she finished outside the WTA Top 40.

The youngest of the Williams sisters, already a mother, did her best by climbing to the semifinals at the Australian Open. That excited many fans, but his irregularity and then the injury to his hamstring, the back of his right leg, complicated it and he should have put an end to the year already in July.

Serena started 2021 being No. 7 in the WTA world rankings and closed it No. 41, his first season finished below the top 40 since he suffered it in 2006. What’s more, this was the third year in his entire professional career that he was so relegated, as he was in the Top 10 overall.

The American played only six official singles championships and her total record was 12-5, since in the first competition of 2021, the Yarra Valley Classic, in Melbourne, she did not appear for the semifinal against the Australian Ashleigh Barty, No. 1 in the world.

Thus, Serena Williams played little and nothing and, in fact, her last game did not even finish it. He left in the first set of the first round at Wimbledon due to the aforementioned injury and could no longer resume the competition. She spoke recently and was clear: “The hamstring is better. It took a long time, it took forever, but now it’s better.”

Therefore, the most positive predict that he could reappear in the first Grand Slam of 2022, in January. She wants to raise her head and regain a high level. 2021 was a headache for Serena, as she finished it without titles and added just one WTA Cup in the last four years, Auckland 2020

Surely, the 2022 season will be a rematch to go in search of Margaret Court’s record, with her 24 Grand Slam. The Australian has the best all-time record, while the American has the best record with her 23 titles achieved in the professional era. His great challenge is renewed, once again.