The best Dominican moments in MLB during 2021 (first part)

ESPN Digital recounts the best moments of Dominican players during the 2021 Major League Baseball season

This is the first of two parts that collect the best of Dominican activity in 2021 in MLB.

2021 was a special year for baseball from Big leagues for many reasons. The return of the fans to the stadium, after a 2020 campaign cut by the COVID-19, the victory of Atlanta Braves in World Series After 26 years and of course the way the new faces of baseball took control of the season, they gave us unforgettable moments that we look forward to reliving as the new year arrives.

Although at this moment we are in a moment “Dark”With the paralysis of the conversations between MLB and his association of players, which jeopardizes the start of the next season, we can see 2021 as a successful year with respect to the quality of baseball that could be appreciated.

The Dominicans contributed their grain of sand for a very special season that had a lot of history and surprising performances. Thus, ESPN Digital has made the list of the ten best moments of the Dominicans in 2021.


We started with an important moment that occurred prior to the start of the 2021 season when it was confirmed that Fernando Tatis Jr. Y San Diego Padres signed a contract extension for 340 million dollars and 14 years. This became, at that time, the third largest contract extension in the history of MLB (later surpassed by that of Francisco Lindor of 341 million for 10 years).

Obviously, this is the largest extension that a Dominican player has received in the history of MLB and placed him among the elite (salary) for the future of the league.


Yermin mercedes He is a well-known name to fans of Dominican winter baseball, but to MLB audiences, the player may have gone unnoticed despite a long minor league career. His historic start with eight consecutive hits made us think we were in front of the birth of the next great designated hitter in the league, but after April, he completely disappeared at the offensive level and the problems with the manager. Tony la russa They took him to the minor leagues again.

However, Yermín’s April was one of the most interesting moments at the beginning of the season.


This was a game announced two years ago by MLB, bringing a league game to Iowa for the first time in history. This game was made at the location where the legendary movie was filmed Field of dreams and it was a real clash of the titans between New York Yankees Y Chicago White Sox.

The Dominican moment of the night came from the hands of Eloy Jimenez, who in one of the moments when White sox They had just lost the lead in the game, he restored their hopes with a three-run homer.

It is remembered that Eloy Jimenez he lost a good stretch of the regular season due to injury during the preseason, so he had not been able to play a significant number of games at the time of the historic meeting.


In the most anticipated clash of the entire first round of HR Derby, Juan Soto faced who would end the year as Most valuable Player of the American league, Shohei ohtani, in a duel that ended up being a classic for the future of Stars game.

Soto He opened the round with 22 homers, which put him with a good lead in front of the Japanese star, who had to hit 23 to win the round and despite a slow start, Ohtani it sped up the pace suddenly. With one minute and twenty seconds of regular time remaining plus an additional minute, “Sho-Time”, Hitting 18 home runs in just over two minutes to tie it.

Both players went on to a tiebreaker round which opened Soto with five home runs and Ohtani, again squeezed and tied with the Dominican, leading to a final round in which each of the batters would have three swings and the one with the most home runs would advance. Soto hit three dramatic home runs to close out the round to eliminate the Japanese, who missed on his first swing.


Vladimir Guerrero Jr. he was the most consistent hitter and one of the most productive overall of the entire 2021 season.

His numbers earned him second place for the award Mvp of the American league, but he also won the accolade Hank aaron and a Silver bat.

During the festivities of Stars game, to Guerrero Jr. He was asked who he thought he would be Most Valuable Player of the Game, to which he confidently said that he would earn it. Time proved him right and thanks to a beastly home run he was selected as the winner by the American league.

With a season at the level of the expectations that were had for him at the time of his debut, the future now looks much brighter for Guerrero Jr., who was the protagonist of several sensational episodes in the year, especially many that were related to the year of Mvp his father’s.