The best Dominican moments in MLB during 2021 (second part)

ESPN Digital recounts the best moments of Dominican players during the 2021 Major League Baseball season

This is the second of two parts that collect the best of Dominican activity in 2021 in MLB.

2021 was a special year for baseball from Big leagues for many reasons. The return of the fans to the stadium, after a 2020 campaign cut short by COVID-19, the victory of Atlanta Braves in World Series After 26 years and of course the way the new faces of baseball took control of the season, they gave us unforgettable moments that we look forward to reliving as the new year arrives.

Although at this moment we are in a moment “Dark”With the paralysis of the conversations between MLB and his association of players, which jeopardizes the start of the next season, we can see 2021 as a successful year with respect to the quality of baseball that could be appreciated.

The Dominicans contributed their grain of sand for a very special season that had a lot of history and surprising performances. Thus, ESPN Digital has made the list of the ten best moments of the Dominicans in 2021.


We all know that Albert pujols is a legendary player who will enter his first year on the ballot at Cooperstown Hall of Fame. Also, we are aware that the best years of “The Machine“They are well behind and that their passage through Los Angeles Angels It was, in a word, disappointing.

What no one expected is that during his last year of contract with the team and with only 24 games played in 2021, the Angels decided to release the veteran player in what was a controversial and heavily criticized move. But nevertheless, Los angeles dodgers saw an interesting opportunity and decided to try their luck with Pujols, giving him a role from the bench and facing left-handed pitchers, which he served until the team’s elimination in the postseason.

Pujols had a chance to face the Angels in the season and as if it were a movie, they hit a beastly home run, in what could be considered an episode of poetic justice.

The only question remains whether we have seen Pujols wear a t-shirt MLB for the last time in his career.


Wander franco was the No. 1 prospect in the majors for three years in a row before he Tampa bay rays decided that the 20-year-old was ready to go up to the “Big tentAnd if something can be said about the Dominican, it was that he took advantage of his opportunity since he put on the uniform.

The boss”Tied the historical record for the most consecutive games reaching the bases (46), was among the finalists for the award Rookie of the Year of the American league And last but not least, in the postseason he also performed like an established superstar.

All this earned him that, with only 70 games played, the Rays, who are not traditionally a team that spends money on contractual extensions, decided to open their portfolio and insure the player for the future, with an extension of 182 million for 11 years plus two years of team options, the largest agreement in history. of the franchise.


Starling mars had what has perhaps been his best season in Big leagues in general terms. He was a solid player for Miami marlins Y Oakland Athletics, putting a stat line of .310 in batting average and .841 in OPS.

However, the cover letter from Starling mars was the speed in the bases, being the leader of all MLB in cheated pads with 47 (although he did not win the award for having made it between the two leagues). This number included a surprising stretch in which Marte stole 17 bases in 22 games, tying the franchise record for Oakland imposed by Rickey henderson in 1992, who made the most of their midseason acquisition, fighting until near the end of the season to go to the playoffs.


Rafael devers has proven to be a player for whom there are no great moments, even if it is the rivalry New York Yankees against Boston Red Sox or a pressing turn in the postseason, “Little face”Always seems to be ready.

2021 was a year where Devers equaled records for David ortiz with the Red Sox, reached marks that only Albert pujols had among Dominicans and finished with the highest number of home runs of his career, demonstrating the great capacity to generate power that he has, despite the fact that for much of the year he fought against an injury in one of his arms that at times became evident that it caused him pain.

Near the end of his postseason year, he put another exclamation point on his historic season, connecting a Grand slam in the second inning of Game 2 of the Championship Series of the American league against Houston astros, after what JD Martinez had done the same in the first inning, turning Boston in the only team in the history of MLB who has accomplished such a feat in the first two innings of a game.


Before the 2021 season, the last time a Dominican was a leader in home runs on one of the circuits of MLB It was 2013, when Pedro Alvarez did it as a member of Pittsburgh pirates. However, we must go back to 2010 for the last time two Dominicans led the leagues. American Y National at the same time when they did Albert pujols with the Cardinals Y Jose Bautista with the Blue jays.

Eleven years later Fernando Tatis Jr. of the Fathers Y Vladimir Guerrero Jr. of the Blue jays repeated the feat, marking the fifth time in league history that two Dominicans finished as leaders of Big leagues. At one point, they competed neck to neck for the leadership of all MLB, but due to the injuries that sustained Tatis Out for 32 games in total in 2021, we couldn’t see a closer race.

It is very certain that with the talent of both and they remain in health, along with consistency, we could be witnessing soon, a kind of “Home Run Race”Between both stars.