The hegemony of Brazil in the Copa Libertadores in 2021: reasons and possible solutions for the rest of South America

Palmeiras defeated Flamengo in the final of the Copa Libertadores and was crowned two-time champion of the contest under the mandate of Abel Ferreira. Of the last 11 editions, seven were won by Brazilian clubs. Is it impossible to compete against the level of the Brazilians?

Year after year it seems that the dream of winning the Libertadores is further away for the South American teams given the level exposed by Brazil. Both Boca and River, top exponents in Argentina, succumbed to the power of Brasileirao in the last editions they played. In the case of Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Ecuador and Peru, the chances of winning are fading and their cup teams hardly dream of being able to access a decisive phase.

To talk about the differential points, the organization of Brazilian soccer is fundamental. A Brazilian with a stable format, known and with intense competition throughout the year. 38 dates and four descents. Improvisation is not a section that is present in Brazil and that helps, in a way, the organization of the schools to fight for all the objectives. This added to the Brazil Cup and the different states played.

On the other hand, It is impossible not to emphasize the economic section that affects the clubs and that goes beyond the level of organization that a club has. From the sponsors to the stability of the country’s own currency, they make the difference to achieve higher hires in the Brasileirao. This always goes hand in hand with the desire of the footballers to return, like the Hulk, William, Rafinha, David Luiz, Gabigol or Douglas Costa.

Sales of promising youngsters also influence this budget that Brazilian clubs have to hire. With the recent cases of Kayki, Vinicius Jr and Rodrygo as the greatest exponents, the ease of the Brasileirao to bring out young talents that shine and go to Europe for exorbitant amounts of money is impressive.

Before this panorama, What can South American clubs do to compete with Brazilian soccer? First of all, bet on its quarries. Empower youth, not propose them as a bargaining chip and get excited about a young team that brings joy to the institutions. In this way, the amount invested in the repo market could be reduced and a more thickened box could be achieved.

Less is sometimes more. Having in the deck of possibilities the young people who appear in the minor divisions influences that they are not hired at close range, avoids the agglomeration of footballers and, on the other hand, sharpens the critical eye when deciding to carry out a contract.

Although the Brazilian hegemony does not seem to be close to ending, the rest of South America must not lower its arms or begin to lower its pretentions in international competition, which also distributes good amounts of money in prizes.