Así reaccionó Andy Ruiz al saber que es candidato para pelear con Tyson Fury

After the statements made by the promoter Bob arum, where he said that they plan to Andy ruiz as a candidate for next rival of Tyson fury In March 2022, the Mexican fighter reacted on social networks.

“Come on, I need that CMBLet’s go with everything for him CMB“He wrote this message in an Instagram story, making a clear request to Mauricio Sulaiman, president of the organization.

The message of Andy is a reply to a post where the statements of Arum, co promoter of Tyson fury, where it says that they have contemplated Ruiz to face English.

Arum assured that the fight against Destroyer it would be very attractive on North American soil, since both have great traction with the people and the battle would take place in Las Vegas.

“So we look at Andy ruiz as a possibility, he is available, “he explained in interview with IFLTV.

Andy Ruiz would put Deontay Wilder aside to fight Tyson Fury

The boxer is recovering from knee surgery, so little by little he is getting in shape. A few weeks ago there was talk that Andy ruiz I would return to the ring against Deontay Wilder.

“The fight between Wilder Y Ruiz It is, perhaps, the most interesting without a title in the middle at the moment. Wilder He is very explosive and Ruiz is a boxer with great traction with Mexican fans. That fight would be wonderful and consistent with the plans for Mexico City. We have looked for a great event for our capital ”, he pointed out. Mauricio Sulaiman.

The president of the CMB He stressed that he would be thinking of doing a mega function in Mexico City, which would generate many expectations.

“There have always been great fights, but we have had many years without having a great event in CDMX and a Andy ruiz vs Deontay Wilder It would be wonderful, “he said.

Andy Ruiz wants to fight Tyson Fury