Who are the first lines that work abroad that the UAR followed in 2021?

The scrum It is one of the central themes in our rugby, as an identity, and that is why dedication to its improvement is a task that takes full dedication, and extends to the entire country. That is why Andrés Bordoy, National Scrum Coach of the Argentine Rugby Union, had a busy year from his function and prepared a detailed report on the work of the area in 2021, detailing who are the first lines being closely followed.

In addition to the monitoring of players who work abroad, a detection of the first lines of the 2001 to 2005 categories was carried out, through trials throughout the country, to enlarge the player base.

Development and evolution monitoring:

Together with the monitoring of physical evolution and anthropometric measurements in the academies, a follow-up was carried out in the development and technical evolution of the 1st lines in the different UAR academies. Through filming, where constant returns were made with managers and academy scrum references.

Monitoring of the first lines that work abroad:

Within the follow-up to the 1st lines performing outdoors, the focus is on 38 players (12 left props, 13 hookers, 13 right props). A follow-up was carried out in the scrum sector highlighting the performances in their clubs.

Left Pillars: Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro, Facundo Gigena, Mayco Vivas, Carlos Muzzio, Rodrigo Martínez, Thomas Gallo, Federico Wergrzyn, Ignacio Calles, Nicolás Thot, Francisco Minervino, Nicolás Revol and Javier Díaz.

Hookers: Julián Montoya, Facundo Bosch, Santiago Socino, Agustín Creevy, Ignacio Ruíz, Bautista Bernasconi, Martín Vaca, José Luis González, Mariano Muntaner, Axel Zapata, Beltrán Salese, Pablo Dimcheff and Tomás Montilla.

Right Pillars: Francisco Gómez Kodela, Santiago Medrano, Enrique Pieretto, Juan Pablo Zeiss, Eduardo Bello, Joel Sclavi, Lucio Sordoni, Javier Coronel, Lucas Favre, Brian González, Gonzalo Hughes, Ramiro Herrera and Joaquín Blangetti.