Anthony Joshua entrena con Floyd Mayweather en Dubai

The boxer Anthony Joshua is training with Floyd mayweather heading into his rematch fight against Oleksandr Usyk to try to get his belts back.

The Englishman uploaded some stories to Instagram where he is seen doing several striking exercises in the so-called ‘water bag’ before the gaze of Money, and where he dedicated a few words.

“The best to do it and always helping the next generation. Great respect champion, “he wrote Joshua.

It should be remembered that for months, AJ He has been visiting several of the best coaches in search of complements to the work he has done in order to be more competitive and be crowned again in the heavyweight division.

Anthony Joshua accepted Floyd Mayweather’s invitation

The English boxer agreed to go with Mayweather to receive various advice regarding training and hitting, since a few weeks ago the former boxer had criticized the way the former champion trained.

“I told him from the beginning to come over and I could teach him some tips. Most of the time, this is just my opinion, the same coach that you had as a fan does not make you a great professional. Some guys are great at amateur training and some guys are great at professional training, and even my father was the best in the professional arena, ”he said.

Floyd He also remembered that since Joshua He was the reigning champion, he pointed out several mistakes that he had to modify, which in the end he did not make.

“I feel like Anthony JoshuaThey go to different coaches and say ‘this coach is going to work with him’. But I told him at the beginning, when he was undefeated, ‘You have some things that you have to modify because if you don’t have them, you may fall short’ “.