Baker Mayfield dismisses death threats against him

The Browns quarterback did not elaborate on the threats, originally revealed this week on Instagram by a post from his wife Emily.

CLEVELAND – Baker mayfield wants to focus only on the Pittsburgh steelers. He says he has no time for “keyboard warriors”.

The quarterback of the Cleveland browns dismissed the death threats he received after a performance before the Green bay packers, during which he saw four of his passes intercepted. He considered that those who attack him on social networks are “ignorant” who are dedicated to making “hollow threats.”

“It’s one of those things that has grown out too much,” Mayfield said Thursday, during a post-practice video conference. “It’s not something new to us.”

Mayfield He did not elaborate on the threats, originally revealed this week on Instagram by a post from his wife. Emily, who also regretted the “lies” and the “flagrant disrespect” against her husband.

Mayfield, who has had a stormy fourth season with multiple injuries in Cleveland, saw four of his shipments intercepted – the highest number in his career – during the game that the Browns lost this Christmas 24-22 to the Packers.

The quarterback had missed two weeks of practice after testing positive for COVID-19 and it only came to Wisconsin a few hours before kickoff.

But that did not stop the attacks of those who blamed him for a loss that severely damaged the playoff hopes of the Browns.

Mayfield He is used to harsh criticism. And he has never been afraid to answer his detractors.

However, he acknowledged that there are times when hate speech is more difficult to ignore. This week was an example of this for him and his family.

“It is difficult for me to say that I do not hear this, because I have a lot of experience listening to many opinions from the outside in,” he said. Mayfield. “So it’s hard when this is directed at someone I love and care about. She is not able to change any of the results of the games or anything like that.”

Mayfield It does not consider that some of these threats warrant the intervention of the team’s security personnel or the investigating authorities.

“It’s not that serious,” he commented.

But the quarterback, who has dealt with a shoulder injury since Week 2, responded to those who hate him so much.

“These things happen in a world and in a society where there are many keyboard warriors who make hollow threats and things like that,” he stressed. “Honestly, they are ignorant who go after people who are not directly involved with American football and who talk about taking your life, killing someone or all that.”