Es como ganar un Mundial de futbol: Eddy Reynoso explica por qué se hizo tatuaje de Canelo

That they have recognized Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez As the best pound for pound of the orb is compared by the trainer Eddy reynoso like having won a World Cup in soccer, one of the reasons for getting a tattoo of the now undisputed super middleweight champion.

“Imagine, it’s like winning a World Cup,” he said. Eddy reynoso in interview with TUDN. “As if they ask a coach: ‘hey, why do you get a tattoo of the one who scored the goal? Well, he’s the one who gave me the victory of the championship.”

The image that was tattooed Eddy reynoso is when Canelo won one of his world titles and also has the legend P4P, in reference to the fact that the tapatío is the best Pound for pound, and explained why he did it.

“They asked me why you get tattooed when Canelo”, The coach began. “I told them: when you have a 13-year-old boy and you take him to where he is right now, you define yourself. I liked it because it is the photo where he won the championship and where he was recognized as the best fighter Pound for pound”.

Eddy Reynoso and his Canelo Álvarez tattoo

Eddy Reynoso wants to be a long-term coach

Proud to be in the sport, Eddy reynoso expect to stay for a long time. He wants to get into the Hall of Fame and be recognized for the champions he did and the work he did.

“In boxing Mexico rules, for me it is a pride to be in the sport,” he added. Reynoso. “And that tomorrow he will be great, I hope he will be like Mr. (Ignacio) Beristáin still working at 80 and say, Eddy he made so many champions, he is in the Hall of Fame and he left something important for boxing in Mexico ”.

Another of his goals is that, just as he had dreams and wanted to match many coaches, that young people who are just starting in this sport some day want to be like Eddy reynoso.

“That the new generations say ‘I want to be one day like Eddy reynoso”, He concluded. “Just as I visualized myself to be like him (Jesus) Cholain Rivero, What (Arturo) Cuyo Hernández. As the father of Erik Morales (José ‘Olivaritos’ Morales), like the father of the Kochules (Manuel Montiel), as a gift Romulo Quirarte, as a gift Nacho Beristain”.