“Como Cotto, quiero retirar a una leyenda como Maravilla Martínez”, asegura Macaulay McGowan

The British Macaulay McGowan will face the next one on January 27 in the Wizink Center in Madrid to the Argentine Sergio “Wonder” Martinez, and noted that he will seek to retire this boxing legend.

“History could put me in the same place as Cotto in the sense of withdrawing a legend like Sergio Martínez ”, He said Mcgowan to Boxing Scene. “I want to win at all costs, not to retire it, but because I have my own career, I am looking for my own place, I am 27 years old and I am in my prime. (TO Martinez) He has nothing left to prove and I want to derail that train; It is my moment, and I see the moment for the veteran to give way to new blood ”.

Similarly, Mcgowan assured that he has closely followed the career of Wonderful, so it will be very special to face it and be able to defeat it.

“I grew up watching him with (the fight he won against Chavez Jr), also defeating my compatriots as Martin Murray, Matthew macklin, Darren barker, etc “, he recalled Mcgowan. “He was already boxing when I started (learning), amazing, but there is no bad blood between us, I just want to do my job and beat him. It is sport, I would like to reach everything it has, that’s why I have to beat it ”.

Maravilla Martínez is ready for McGowan

The Argentine assured that he was training as if he were a young man at 46 years old and that he is doing it to go up one hundred percent to the fight.

“It is fantastic to be able to understand what is happening when they ask me how I am feeling: I say 10 points, and today I am 10 points for the level at which I am moving, for the level of my rivals. Because today, at 46 years old, I go up, I win, I go and that’s it. I can win by more or less advantage, but I go up, I won and I get out of the ring wanting to work for the next fight, “he said to him. Olé newspaper.

“Being 10 points means a 6 worldwide. A 6 with aspirations to go up to a 7, but I fully understand that today I have to be at that score. But for that I have to evolve a little step, calmly, without trying to skip any step because this is nothing more than trying to climb a long ladder that has an end, and the end is to reach the world title, “he said.