Stefanos Tsitsipas: "I don't regret my decision"

It was a half surprise. Stefanos Tsitsipas decided to return officially playing doubles in the ATP Cup and Greece suffered: they fell 2-1 to Poland in Sydney.

I do not regret my decision. It was a very thoughtful decision and it hurts, because I want the best for the team. I would love to go out on the court and play my best tennis, but I have decided to start with the doubles, “he said after playing in pairs.

“My elbow is better than ever. I am relieved to feel normal again after years of suffering. I was expecting some concern, but it’s not serious. I’m just trying to protect it. I am using some muscles that I have not been able to use before and it takes time to get up to speed and get to the level I want. If I can’t be 100% there is no reason to go out and play “, assured the N ° 4 of the world.

A month after the elbow surgery and being out of the ATP Finals, everything seemed to be happiness for Stefanos Tsitsipas last week. “I’ve only been training for 7 days. I considered it necessary to have surgery because I had been feeling permanent pain for years while playing, trying to limit the load on that area of ​​my body,” he said last week. “I wanted to go back as soon as possible, but without being afraid of relapsing from the injury. It is fantastic to be on the court without feeling pain and seeing that I can do any movement, I am using a muscle that I did not even know existed since my injury prevented me from using it in the movement“, he commented.