The key dates for next year: The 2022 football calendar

2021 was a very intense one for world football, with hundreds of international team matches joining the annual club and local competitions. 2022 promises to be as exciting or more exciting, with the closing of the Qualifiers and the long-awaited World Cup on the unprecedented date of November and December.

These are the important dates of the football calendar of 2022.


January 2: Chelsea-Liverpool (Premier League)

January 6: Juventus-Napoli (Serie A)

January 9: Start of the African Cup of Nations in Cameroon

January 9: Lyon-PSG (Ligue 1)

January 15: Manchester City-Chelsea (Premier League)

January 23: Milan-Juventus (Serie A)

January 27: Ecuador-Brazil; Paraguay-Uruguay; Chile-Argentina (Qualifiers)

January 27: United States-El Salvador; Jamaica-Mexico; Honduras-Canada (Qualifiers)

January 28: Colombia-Peru; Venezuela-Bolivia (Qualifiers)

January 30: Canada-United States; Mexico-Costa Rica (Qualifiers)


February 1: Bolivia-Chile; Uruguay-Venezuela; Argentina-Colombia; Brazil-Paraguay; Peru-Ecuador (Qualifiers)

February 2: United States-Honduras; El Salvador-Canada (Qualifiers)

February 3: Mexico-Panama (Qualifiers)

February 3: World Club kick-off

February 6: Inter-Milan (Serie A)

February 6: Barcelona-Atlético Madrid (Spanish League)

February 6: African Cup of Nations Final

February 8: CONMEBOL Libertadores first phase begins

February 12: Club World Final

February 13: Napoli-Inter (Serie A)

February 15: PSG-Real Madrid (Champions League)

February 16: Inter-Liverpool (Champions League)

February 17: Barcelona-Napoli (Europa League)

February 23: Atlético Madrid-Manchester United (Champions League)

February 23: Athletico Paranaense-Palmeiras (CONMEBOL Recopa)

February 24: Napoli-Barcelona (Europa League)


March 2: Palmeiras-Athletico Paranaense (CONMEBOL Recopa)

March 5: Manchester City-Manchester United (Premier League)

March 6: Napoli-Milan (Serie A)

March 8: Liverpool-Inter (Champions League)

March 9: Real Madrid-PSG (Champions League)

March 10: Beginning of the first phase of CONMEBOL Sudamericana

March 15: Manchester United-Atlético Madrid (Champions League)

March 18: Champions League quarter, semis and final draw

March 19: Liverpool-Manchester United (Premier League)

March 20: PSG-Monaco (Ligue 1)

March 20: Real Madrid-Barcelona (Spanish League)

March 24: Uruguay-Peru; Colombia-Bolivia; Brazil-Chile; Paraguay-Ecuador; Argentina-Venezuela (Qualifiers)

March 24: Italy-Macedonia N; Portugal-Turkey; Scotland-Ukraine; Wales-Austria; Russia-Poland; Sweden-R. Czech (Qualifiers)

March 25: CONMEBOL Libertadores group stage draw

March 29: Peru-Paraguay; Venezuela-Colombia; Bolivia-Brazil; Chile-Uruguay; Ecuador-Argentina (Qualifiers)

March 29: European Qualifying Finals

March 29: Final Asia Qualifying Date

March 29: Final Africa qualifying date

March 30: Last Concacaf Qualifying Date

March 31: Qatar 2022 World Cup Draw


April 3: Juventus-Inter (Serie A)

April 5: Quarter-finals (Champions League)

April 6: CONMEBOL Libertadores group stage begins

April 9: Manchester City-Liverpool (Premier League)

April 12: Quarter-finals (Champions League)

April 17: PSG-Marseille (Ligue 1)

April 17: Sevilla-Real Madrid (Spanish League)

April 23: Bayern Munich-Dortmund (Bundesliga)

April 26: Semifinals (Champions League)


May 3: Semifinals (Champions League)

May 8: Atlético Madrid-Real Madrid (Spanish League)

May 14: Last Bundesliga date

May 21: Last Premier League date

May 22: Last date of Ligue 1

May 22: Last date of Serie A

May 22: Last date of the Spanish League

May 25: CONMEBOL Libertadores group stage closes

May 25: Final Conference League

May 26: Final Europa League

May 28: Final Champions League


June 1: Argentina-Italy (Euro-American Cup)

June 3: Round of 16 draw CONMEBOL Libertadores

June 13: Intercontinental Repechage World Cup Qatar 2022

June 14: Intercontinental Repechage World Cup Qatar 2022

June 29: Round of 16 (CONMEBOL Libertadores)


July 6: Round of 16 (CONMEBOL Libertadores)


August 3: Quarterfinals (CONMEBOL Libertadores)

August 6: Premier League start 2022/23

August 10: Quarterfinals (CONMEBOL Libertadores)

August 10: UEFA Super Cup

August 12: Start of the Spanish League 2022/23

August 12: Start of Serie A 2022/23

August 31: Semifinals (CONMEBOL Libertadores)


September 6: Champions League group stage start 2022/23

September 7: Semifinals (CONMEBOL Libertadores)

September 20: FIFA Friendlies Date


October 1: South American CONMEBOL Final

October 29: Final CONMEBOL Libertadores


November 2: Champions League group stage closes 2022/23

November 13: World Cup break begins Premier League, Ligue 1, Spanish League, Serie A and Bundesliga

November 21: Qatar 2022 World Cup begins


December 18: Qatar 2022 World Cup Final

December 26: Boxing day Premier League, season resumption