Japan, with a view to joining the Rugby Championship or the Six Nations

Japan is looking to join the next editions of the Six Nations or the Rugby Championship, a tournament that you would be more inclined to join. The Japanese team seeks to overcome what has been achieved in the 2019 World Cup and that is why a few days ago, the JRFU He entered into talks with SANZAAR leaders and with the organization of the European competition to be able to integrate their national team tournaments.

Japan’s foray into the front page of international rugby, first becoming the first Asian nation to host a World Cup and then achieving great results at that tournament, seems to be final. With the creation of the Top league, which was able to recruit great figures of the last time, and the experience of the Sunwolves at Super Rugby, Japan managed to significantly raise the level of its teams and create a greater rugby culture in the country.

However, 2021 was not a great season for the Asian national team. In the last year, which for the Japanese began in June with the crosses against the British & Irish Lions, barely threw a victory in six games. The only joy was before Portugal 38-25, in the framework of the Autumn Nation Series. The head coach of the team, Kensuke Iwabuchi, credited this bad passage to the almost two years without games that Japan suffered and argued that the lack of a fixed competition harmed the growth of his team.

“We definitely need to have an international championship that is played regularly. Otherwise we will never be able to maintain consistency in our game.”explained the coach. With his inclusion in one of the two tournaments in the hemispheres, be it Rugby Championship or Six Nations, the coach hopes to gain filming and experience to match his performance at the 2019 RWC.

About which competitions would I see with better eyes, Kensuke Iwabuchi chose the Rugby Championship arguing that it would be more logical to share a time zone with the nations of Oceania. “We are in discussions with both competencies, but although Japan is in the northern hemisphere, from a perspective that takes into account time zones, we are closer to New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific nations. It makes more sense to join their competition, “he explained.