Luis Ortíz pasó apuros pero aplicó un dramático nocaut a Charles Martin en el sexto asalto

Luis Ortíz achieved a dramatic knockout over Charles martin in the sixth round of a fight he had lost, and where he had registered two official knockdowns.

The Cuban struggled, more due to an apparent excess of confidence, and weak legs, than due to forcefulness of Charles martin. The blows of Martin they were strong, they felt, but he didn’t have many more resources than those. The permissiveness of Ortíz, made the world squid grow heavy by the FIB.

In the same first round, Charles martin got his first takedown on Ortíz, although it was a very doubtful appreciation of the referred to decreeing fall. When the Cuban tried to enter, he was received with a blow of Martin what happened brushing and Ortíz he lost his balance, putting his knee on the mat. More than a blow, it seemed an imbalance without a clear blow, in between, but the fall also counted.

The Cuban seemed somewhat overconfident, fighting at half throttle and with his guard down, as if he was willing to step on the gas and finish the fight anytime he wanted. However, the fight started to get out of hand for Luis Ortíz.

In the fourth round, the Cuban lefty suffered his second knockdown of the night. Martin surprises him with a jab, just when Ortíz entered.

Charles martin regained confidence, having already knocked down twice Ortíz, and had a tight fight. He forced the Cuban to get serious, and now yes, step on the accelerator.

In the sixth round the denouement came, and it was dramatic. A long left hand of the Cuban came dry to the face of Martin, who was left disconnected standing. MartinDisoriented by the blow, he remained static and defenseless for a moment, looking away.

Ortíz went to liquidate it, while Martin he was still disoriented. He ended up knocked down and with his arm tangled in the ropes. Although he looked clearly knocked out, the referee let him follow Martin. Ortíz It was for him, again, and after connecting the first blows, the referee now stopped the fight.

That way, Luis Ortíz achieved a dramatic knockout over Charles martin.