Messi, one of the four covid positives confirmed by PSG

Lionel Messi is one of the four players on the PSG squad who tested positive for covid after the holiday break, as confirmed by Paris Saint-Germain this Sunday.

“The four positive players for covid-19 are Leo Messi, Juan Bernat, Sergio Rico and Nathan Bitumazala. They are all currently respecting isolation and the adapted health protocol,” PSG indicated.

Paris Saint Germain returned to training this weekend and this Monday will return to competition, in the round of 32 of the French Cup, against Vannes, in the fourth category.

“Until he is negative in Argentina, he will not be able to travel to France,” coach Mauricio Pochettino said this Sunday. at the pre-game press conference against Vannes.

Pochettino explained that Messi is in constant contact with the club’s medical services and will travel to France when he is diagnosed negative again.

“We have been with the virus for almost two years, we all already know what we need to avoid to be infected and we can still get infected,” added Pochettino.

The coach confirmed that in this soccer environment where contact is inevitable and there is coexistence in the changing rooms there is “much more risk” of being infected, he said in reference to the fact that Bernat was with other teammates on Saturday.

“We are taking all the necessary measures to try to prevent that if one player is infected from infecting another. We do everything possible to live together in the best way and to continue playing football,” he stressed.